Practical Training​ in Accountancy

Gain Experience from Experts

Experience a diverse and enriching learning environment at Magistrum. Our firm was established with the aim of offering a complete accounting work experience and developing highly skilled accounting professionals.

We are not a traditional institution, but instead a specialised accounting firm. Thus, all of the instruction involves practical, interactive learning. As a result, after completing your training, you will be well-equipped to confidently manage a company’s finances. Our former candidates have been highly successful in securing lucrative jobs both domestically and internationally, as attested by their overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Are you someone with experience in commerce, non-commerce, or without a high school diploma? Discover how we can assist you in building a successful accounting career, no matter your certification status. For individuals who may not have extensive experience but possess the required qualifications, securing a well-paying job can prove to be quite a daunting task. If you have limited experience in a particular field, your certificate may not be sufficient to secure a job. Discover job opportunities for those who excel in their respective industries. 

Gain expertise by learning from the most knowledgeable individuals. Discover how we can help you become a skilled accountant in no time.

Our students are extremely satisfied with the outcomes they have achieved with Magistrum, and they wholeheartedly recommend it to others. Through our comprehensive program, we help shape individuals into confident individuals, preparing them for a successful future. As a result, it will be a significant turning point in their lives. We take great pride in the numerous generations of candidates who have undergone training at our accounting business. Our emphasis has always been on the importance of knowledge, creativity, and practical experience. Every day, we strive to motivate our staff and students to reach their full potential, expand their knowledge, and unleash their creativity.

Our firm is truly indescribable. Experience it firsthand with a visit. Discover more about Magistrum’s programmes, our impact in the community, and the support we provide to our students. Join us and become a part of our upcoming community projects, events, or activities. Feel free to explore our website to discover more about our training and contracting services. Secure your spot now by reaching out to us.

Acquire Knowledge in Accounting :

Accounting is the process of keeping track of a business’s money coming in and going out of a business. Being well-versed in accounting theory is great, but it won’t go you very far if you can’t figure out how to put that knowledge to use in the actual world.

Expertise in accounting requires hands-on experience. Theory and computer-assisted accounting courses do not prepare students for the real world of accounting. When you go on an interview, it will all become clear. It is impossible to put theoretical knowledge into practice without first gaining relevant work experience. It could be challenging to get a good job without any real-world experience. Due to a lack of practical knowledge, you may still face significant challenges even after obtaining a job.

When you work on issues in real life, you’ll see that they’re full of defects and that you need to use your brain to succeed in reaching the company’s goal, unlike in studies where themes are shown in perfect circumstances. Up until finalisation, you should meticulously handle different types of accounts. Prior knowledge of computers and business is helpful but not required for this course.


Career Changes:

There is a severe shortage of qualified accounting professionals despite the field’s immense potential. Professionals with an accounting background may find an abundance of work options in the public, commercial, and even non-profit sectors, as well as in self-employment. There is always a need for competent accountants, and the career options available to them are extensive.

In a relatively short amount of time, you can master a well-respected trade and get a job in the country or overseas that pays well. Sticking to your portions will help you succeed in college and beyond. Furthermore, self-employment is an option. This engaging and interactive course assumes no prior understanding of accounting or finance. If you want to learn accounting, this is the book for you.

Key Feature :

Accurate and well-run organisations and enterprises rely on the accounting process. At every level of an organisation, this programme helps students learn the theory and practice of a wide range of business disciplines. Whether your goal is to gain a more general knowledge of business or to hone certain abilities for the job, this training is for you.To help you become an experienced accountant, our integrated components give you a thorough grounding in accounting, finance, and business, as well as the technical know-how, professional abilities, and hands-on experience you need.

After completing our hands-on accounting, auditing, and taxes training, students have the opportunity to participate in career-focused courses and secure guaranteed job placements. Our goal is to provide students with knowledge that is both useful and current.

We are making sure that every student gets personalised help. We guarantee that we can handle any account on our own.Our payment plans are flexible and designed to fit any budget.We have assisted our trained individuals in securing work opportunities.The growth of our applicants’ personalities and handwriting is something we guarantee.

Our office space is neat and tidy. Individuals are given access to the laboratory. As part of our training and interview preparation services, we provide the assistance of industry professionals. We approach every new challenge with the same level of dedication because our enthusiasm drives our work. No. 1 in interviews are our students. Training is provided for both commerce and non-commerce candidates. Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate will be provided. You can talk to our students before you join. There are no other companies like it.

Accounts Outsourcing Services


Complete Outsourced Accounting Services for SMEs!!!

Are you facing issues related to your company’s accounting? No worries, you are not alone. We, Magistrum Accounts come with the perfect solution for outsourced Accounting Services by combining resources, technology , and accounting methods under one platform which in turn empowers you to always stay in control of the big picture. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises based in Dubai and GCC. Magistrum Accounts Accounting platform designed with the right technology by our team  allows you to capture and track every transaction, account, and trend in real-time, in one place-that too, being in any part of the world!!

In accordance with local laws and regulations, our firm is committed to providing the best outsourced accounting services in Dubai and the GCC region. All of our services will be customized to meet the needs of your business and are supported by a team of skilled and experienced accounting professionals. We mainly focus on Book-Keeping Services, Financial Statement Preparation and Taxation Services.




Book-Keeping Services:

IFRS-compliant documentation of all company activities
Account maintenance
Reconciliation of bank statements
Reconciliations of accounts
Verification of accounts payable and receivable
Bills and payments to vendors
Financial statement preparation
Expert Tax Advice
Services for processing invoices
Proper updates and reviews.

Preparation of Financial Statements:

It is crucial for any firm to maintain a written record of its financial transactions, known as a financial statement. It will assist you in assessing the financial standing and performance of your company, allowing management to come to more informed conclusions. In addition, the region’s legal system mandates the submission of financial statements. A full financial statement offered by Magistrum Accounting Services will specifically include:
Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

Taxation Services

Concerns about the UAE/GCC region  government’s tax obligations on enterprises are widespread among local and foreign businesses over there. For this reason, Magistrum Accounting Services is aiding our clients with processes related to annual tax returns. With the help of Magistrum’s Outsourced Accounting Services, you will get exact tax compliance services like:

VAT registration and implementation
Excise tax registration and implementation
Submission of VAT returns
Tax Advisory
International Taxation and Tax Audit Services.

Contact us if you’d want the top accounting service providers in Dubai to handle your job. We will be happy to help you.